Beauty Crush: silly lips™ Lip Balm Collection!

Review written by Margaret Francois, Orlando Beauty Products Examiner…

“One of my biggest glam obsessions is learning about innovative beauty treats right here in Orlando and surrounding areas. That’s why I was super-excited when I stumbled upon a fab lip balm line called ”silly lips.” Although, I love the name and light-hearted spirit of the product’s name, there’s nothing silly about how great this product left my lips feeling once I put it on.

Silly lips was formulated and founded by Leila Larsen. The collection consists of three lip balms that each have a sassy personality attached to it that is shown through the pinup-girl inspired images on the packaging and the different colors’ uber-flirtatious names. (Each personality is named after Leila’s three BFF’s! Cute, right?) There’s Bangin’ Bekah, soft, pretty red lip hue that’s infused with a hint of sugared strawberry; Kinky Katie, a soft pink shade that’s infused with a vanilla mint; and Tasty Tracy, a peachy-colored lip treat that is infused with peach coconut.

I tried out Tasty Tracy and was thoroughly impressed with the creamy consistency of the product. You know how some lip balms are really thin and greasy? Well, this product didn’t do that. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they’re enriched with shea butter, which provides the perfect balance of moisture and sheen.”

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