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Best Lip Balm Ever Unleashes Sexiest Alter Egos…

“…Applying causes endless hours of smiles, provokes quirky and unbridled conversation and an insatiable desire for more hints of sheer enjoyable madness.  Caution:  Sheer enjoyable madness includes flirtatious behavior, giggling and uncontrollable urges to watch hours of classic Hollywood picture shows…”  

-Mary Winkenwerder, Senior Beauty Editor, Glamfreak Magazine 

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“Ditch your average lip balm….Shea butter and essential oils add to the silky consistency, giving your lips a serious dose of moisture.”

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Getting silly with Silly Lips Lipbalm : Tasty lipbalm in Eye-Catching Packaging!

 ”I am personally not much of a lipbalm fan. I don’t use any, in fact, which surprises some and shocks others….But I couldn’t help myself when I got hold of the Silly Lips lipbalm.”

-Paris B, My Women Stuff Blog, *Rated top 10 Beauty Blogs in the World

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    Locally Made, Universally Enjoyed

“For the last week my lips have been silky smooth, because my latest lip obsession, Silly Lips, is simply  irresistible.  Initially I just wanted to pull out the adorable packaging over and over again, but I quickly realized that the adorable packaging is filled with a quality product.”

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Spring: Time for Bodacious Lip Balm

“…the reason I can’t wait to carry this wherever I go, is because of the adorable packaging–an accessory in itself! I also like the consistency of the balm: it’s not so solid that you can’t smudge your finger around in it, but it’s not so soft that one swipe is like dunking your finger in whipped cream. Die-hard lip gloss fans–you know what I’m talking about. Pocket-friendly and warm-weather worthy, these balms are basically an essential addition to you summer ensemble.” 

-Deenie, copywriter for Bon Appetit Magazine, Beauty and Style writer

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