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Whydid.com Interviews Leila Larsen

Fashion Blogger, Kirsten Smith from Whydid gets Leila Larsen to share her fashion tips and secrets!

“First of all I was so excited to actually meet her in person–because I’ve always been a huge fan of her blog–and then I was like, ‘what in the world am I going to wear?’ ha!”-Larsen


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WhyDid gives no nonsense, straight from the hip, heartfelt advice, tips, and how-to’s (no sugar coating here, ladies).  What started with a pair of leggings (worn as pants) has evolved into a one stop site for today’s savvy woman… read more

Kirsten also helped out on set of the silly lips™ photo shoot in Orlando, FL, styling for Leila and the three ‘silly’ girls, Tracy, Katie, and Bekah!  Photos coming soon…

“I am so lucky to have gotten this opportunity to be featured on her site. Kirsten is just as funny as she is in writing and is amazing to work with! She’s definitely got a great eye for styling” -Larsen 

View WhyDid’s interview with Leila click  here



BRINK Magazine: Super Capacity Smiles 

June/July Issue 2012:  Featured Story- Leila Larsen

16 Things Every 30-Something Girl Needs to Know

“It’s important to take care of skin early on in your life. Use moisturizer every day. Thirsty skin makes you look tired and can cause damage. Taking the time to apply moisturizer can add a radiant glow and give you that instant luxurious look without having to apply a ton of makeup.”

–Leila Larsen, creator and founder of Silly Lips natural, hydrating lip balms

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