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At Silly Brand, we are all about having fun and we want you to have fun too!

Our goal is to show you our different personalities through our products. We love that you can get to know the “silly girls” through their quirky stories located on the back of each box. Each girl is unique in her own way and that’s what makes her so beautiful. Although our company lives by the word “silly,” we do stand by each and every product we create for you by using “serious” ingredients with the highest of qualities.

We are so pleased to introduce our new line of lip balm, silly lips™, and we hope that you, not only, enjoy the moisture and aroma of this universal lip balm, but more importantly we hope you have fun getting to know the “silly girls.”

Leila Larsen

silly lips™ was created in Leila’s kitchen 6 years ago. Her obsession with lip balm and lip gloss led her to formulating many different recipes and finally ended with the PERFECT combination. Her friends and family encouraged her to start the company after excessive requests for this special balm. She decided she was going to have 3 different flavors, but also wanted to add a fun twist to the packaging. She asked her closest friends, Tracy, Bekah and Katie, what their favorite flavors were and then she named the balms after them.

“The best part is that anyone can relate to these 3 different and unique girls. So, can you see yourself as one of the girls? OR maybe you have a little of each girl inside of you?”  Featured articles of Leila

The Inspiration: The Real Life Silly Girls


“As a makeup artist, it’s important for me to carry products that are multi-purpose. I love the fact that I can use Silly Lips lip balm as a hydrating base coat to prep lips or I can apply it on top of any lip color to lock in moisture and add shine. It’s definitely a “must have” in my kit!”


“I’ve always been a sucker for cute packaging! Not only does it make a fun gift, it’s also an amazing product! A great lip balm that doubles as an accessory? Count me in! Every girl should have Silly Lips lip balm in their handbag!”


“I spend a lot of time outdoors, so having a lip balm that is effective and long-lasting is important to me. Silly Lips keeps my lips soft and hydrated throughout the whole day. Also, the fun flavors are just an added bonus…I feel like I’m on vacation all day!